Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 8: Turns and Turmoil

Margoa, Friday, Aug 25, 2017, 19.10  IST: It was turning dark. She was holding onto him so tight that he was worried she might’ve caught a cold. He was sure he felt her shiver a few times. They had to keep stopping their scooter every time there was a downpour  and that just delayed their journey further. The rain was also unforgiving, it had them drenched to the bone.

He had handed over his phone to her so she could keep track of the route. But she kept missing the turns. He was unnerved at first, then a little irritated but attributed her lack of focus to an impending fever.

He wanted to reach their home-stay before nightfall. It’s funny how he had always found the poor street lighting in Goa very charming until that very moment.  And that is why he traveled alone, he thought to himself.

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Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 7: Majorda

Margoa, Friday, Aug 25, 2017, 16.16  IST:  The long wait had forced him to think about her. She had a knack for getting her way, making space in his subconscious no matter how hard he tried to avoid her. He even had to finally admit that he was worried for her. It was almost sundown.

He set Majorda as the destination on his google maps and headed towards the closest beach. The map was showing 30 mins of travel time. He realized he had gotten into the habit of measuring distances in time. How very Mumbai-like of him. At the thought of Mumbai his heart skipped a beat. He missed the city.

He moved to Bangalore not long ago. The job offer had come after a hard long wait. He had been freelancing in India’s most expensive city for about a year then. Ends had not always been easy to meet and he had been dreaming about this offer letter ever since the day of his interview. When it finally arrived he could feel no joy. He was distraught at the idea of leaving her behind.

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Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 6: Rainbow

Margoa, Friday, Aug 25, 2017, 14:14 IST: She barely noticed, when the water started to seep in from the edges of her window onto the curtain and finally on top of her blue rucksack. A small puddle was forming at the base of her seat and her flip-flops were lying right in the middle of it. Continue reading

Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 5: Time & Waiting

Margoa, Friday, Aug 25 2017, 12:05 IST: His bus like the time now seemed to run into a  mesmerizing loop. The endless roads, the never-ending pitter-patter, and the green fields. Oh the fields, so many of them. He had always known that time was no friend of her.  He learnt of it in their first meeting.

He was in Lonavala for a shoot when someone had swiped right on his profile. He was on tinder because he was single but he really wasn’t available. He was in love with his camera and beer. He took a brief glance at her profile, sent her greetings, apologized for being busy and went back to work.

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Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 4: Kolhapuri Thecha

“A Private Room in Agonda” read the description of their homestay on Airbnb. Our two amours had done their homework and had learned that Shacks (made of dried coconut leaves) that cost as little as Rs.500 a night were not available in monsoons because monsoons made them wet. Shacks were preferred by many a budget traveler, as they are not only economically viable and esthetically pleasing, but are also located on the beach. Located on the beach was also this private room in Agonda that had sent their cost skyrocketing by a 999%.

The nearest bus stop for the female protagonist of this meandering novel/blog was located in Margoa whereas it was Palolem for her boyfriend/friend/lover/date/bae. Their drop points were approximately 40kms and 9kms from Agonda respectively.

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Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 3: Western Ghats

Lonavala, Thursday, Aug 25 2017, 4:02 IST: There was a thunderstorm in her belly. She was fasting the day before for Hartalika, the same fast that Parvati had undertaken in order to win Lord Shiva as her husband. Taking her first sip of water as a ritualistic breaking of the fast she silently pondered over fatality of things. Perhaps the trip…

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Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 2: Bus kar yaar!


Mumbai, Thursday, Aug 24 2017, 19:01 IST: She had just arrived home. An open backpack, some scattered clothes, a pair of multicolored flip flops and lipsticks littered the bed. She had 29 minutes to pack.

The streets of Mumbai had turned into a nightclub, noisy, crowded and colorful. The drum-roll welcoming Lord Ganesha, the ticking of the clock and her heartbeat were in sync with each other and performing an orchestra in her mind.

“You are not the one!” he had said. “The one is now married to another,” he had said.

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