Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 3: Western Ghats

Lonavala, Thursday, Aug 24 2017, 4:02 IST: There was a thunderstorm in her belly. She was fasting the day before for Hartalika, the same fast that Parvati had undertaken in order to win Lord Shiva as her husband. Taking her first sip of water as a ritualistic breaking of the fast she silently pondered over fatality of things. Perhaps the trip…

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Meandering in Monsoons: Goan edition, Chapter 2: Bus kar yaar!


Mumbai, Thursday, Aug 24 2017, 19:01 IST: She had just arrived home, an open backpack, some scattered clothes, a pair multicolored flip flops and lipsticks littered the bed. She had 29 minutes to pack.

Streets of Mumbai had turned into a nightclub, noisy, crowded and colorful. The drum-roll welcoming Lord Ganesha, the ticking of the clock were all in sync with her heartbeat.

“You are not the one!” he had said. “The one is now married to another,” he had said.

She thought of her shortcomings. Clothes never liked her, they lied, they made her ugly. Not that she cared. A little later in our story he would tell her how he thought she had no sense of clothing. Just like his tongue she would say in her mind. Perfect imperfections!

All things she found pretty made their way indecisively into her bag. A seasoned traveller would have survived a month on her suitcase. Well, love is hard work and a lot of baggage. 😉

Mumbai, Thursday, Aug 24 2017, 20:29 IST: Basanti had made sure she reached the bus-stand well before time. He had told her, “Pran jaye but apki bus na jaye Madam.” She loved Mumbai Autos.

Mumbai, Thursday, Aug 24 2017, 22:11 IST: She felt a few drops of water fall on her shoulder. Before she could understand what was happening, thunder rolled and rain came lashing down on her. She pulled up an umbrella and continued sitting on the footpath. This was the first time she was travelling to Goa without her own vehicle. Private buses pick commuters off the road; sometimes they are also delayed by a few hours, she learnt. Her phone beeped.


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